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    距離本館約 3.3 公里,行車約 11 分鐘

    The Longshan Temple faces the north and faces the south. It is a Chinese classical three-in courtyard palace-style building. It consists of the front hall, the main hall, the apse, and the left and right guarding dragons. The front hall is 11 bays, divided into Sanchuan Hall, Longmen Hall and Humen Hall. In front of the Sanchuan Hall, there is a pair of bronze cast iron pillars that are only seen in Taiwan. The front wall is made of granite...

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    Xinyi District Commercial District

    距離本館約 6.4 公里,行車約 13 分鐘

    Taipei 101, Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Bellavita, Uni-Hankyu Department Store, Eslite Xinyi Flagship Store, etc. are the trendy areas of Taipei's exquisite fashion and urban famous brands. Shopping, entertainment, leisure food and other activities are all available. Taipei's most iconic fashionable city.

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    Yangmingshan National Park

    距離本館約 18.8 公里,行車約 40 分鐘

    Yangmingshan National Park is close to the Taipei Metropolitan Area. The entire area is dominated by the Datun Volcano Confluence and is managed by the Yangmingshan National Park Management Office of the Ministry of the Interior. Cone-shaped and bell-shaped volcanoes, sulphur pores in the crater lake, Geothermal and hot springs have research and entertainment value.

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    Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

    距離本館約 1.4 公里,行車約 7 分鐘

    The building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei was completed in 1921. It was originally a "built ordinary elementary school" for the education of Japanese children and a small number of Taiwanese students with a high social and economic background during the Japanese occupation.