About Caesar Park  Hotel Taipei
City core
About Caesar Park Hotel Taipei

About Caesar Park Hotel Taipei

  • 台鐵 Taiwan Railway
  • 高鐵 High Speed ​​Rail
  • 捷運 MRT
  • 公車 Bus
  • 長途客運 Passenger Transport
  • 台北凱撒 Caesar Park  Hotel Taipei

Located in the heart of Taipei City directly across from Taipei Main Station,
CAESAR PARK TAIPEI offers the most convenient access to Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Mass Rapid Transit, buses and other major landmarks and attractions.

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Our 478 spacious rooms are divided into six different types to suit the needs of all guests. Free Wi-Fi facilities are provided in each room. The brand new Station Suites, Metro and Metropolis Rooms are designed to show the stunning view of central Taipei City and well-equipped deluxe amenities.

Caesar Park Hotel Taipei has the superior geographical location and various of transportation, make it become the best choice for business travelers. Our Checkers and Dynasty Restaurant serve Eastern and Western style gourmet cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients.



The most conveniently located hotel for traveling throughout Taiwan, CAESAR PARK TAIPEI is directly connected to Exit M6 of MRT station. Our goal is to offer the best service for each of our guests, as well as the easiest access to all forms of transportation.

With great location, award-winning cuisine, relaxing atmosphere, modern rooms and Eco-design, it’s doubtless to make your stay in Taiwan enjoyable. Top service, entertainment, gourmet food and shopping—finds great pleasure at CAESAR PARK TAIPEI!