距離本館約 3.3 公里,行車約 11 分鐘


Longshan Temple was declared as a nationally protected second-class monument by the government in 1974. It is listed as the three major attractions for international tourists to visit Taiwan alongside the National Palace Museum and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Longshan Temple also built a cultural square building on Banqiao Wenhua Road. After it was completed and opened in 1994, it organized a number of courses and lectures to fully promote the Buddhist law and promote the cultural value of social education. Mengjia Longshan Temple holds regular festivals and folklore activities every year, such as the Lunar New Year Lantern Exhibition, April Bathing Buddha Festival, July Bonsai Festival, etc. People come to Mengjia Longshan Temple to appreciate the beauty of Taiwanese temple architecture and art. The fun of traditional folk culture.